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Move over Wolf, Little Red has come to town!

Feb 29, 2012
Little RedThis year Big Bad Con has a new mascot. Little Red. She's ready to shoot Nazis, brew potions, and roll some dice. Worry not, The Wolf hasn't left us, but he may be hiding in his cave for some time. Little Red has a gun!

Carabande is BACK!

Feb 18, 2012
David GabrielThe illustrious David Gabriel is bringing Carabande and a host of other games to Big Bad Con.

Improv for Gamers

Feb 13, 2012
ImprovForGamersImprov theater teaches many skills that can make your game rock: collaboration, embracing failure, and generally feeling comfortable looking stupid. Yet, there is a divide to cross to get the gamer onto the stage. So Big Bad Con has brought the mountain to Mohammed. Come to the workshop and you're going to explore dynamic characters, collaborative scene-building, and the success/complication model as it applies to role-playing games.

Private rooms at Big Bad Con!

Feb 8, 2012
Little Red clearly has mad negotiation skills that leave The Wolf in the dust. This year belongs to Red because she brought private rooms to the table!

Big Bad GM - Who is the Biggest, Baddest GM in the land?

Feb 8, 2012
This October, the Wolf has invited everyone to Grandmother’s house to play, but four will compete to prove which game master is the Biggest, Baddest GM in the land! Our four GMs were selected by popular demand by the players at Big Bad Con 2011.

Big Bad Con review

Nov 9, 2011
Phew, just after Big Bad Con I was booked to run an Apocalypse Galactica game (re-skinning Apocalypse World to Battlestar Galactica), which I didn't start working on till after Big Bad Con. Since then I've been catching up on old Actual Play reports, trying to get Narrative Control back in action, and planning the Improv For Gamer events in January. Phew.

T-shirts here and gone!

Nov 4, 2011
Big Bad Con T-shirts came in today and fast as three pigs can run from a blown down house The Wolf shipped them off. If you ordered a shirt and aren't doing will call (read: The Wolf handing it over in person) you should receive your Big Bad Swag soon!

Doing Good!

Oct 25, 2011
The Wolf has rounded up all the bottles and cans of food as well as cold hard cash to make donations across the board. For the Alameda County Community Food bay we raised 230lbs of food, enough for 176 meals. For Doctors Without Borders we raised $505, the donation placed today!

Illustration of Little Red

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