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Safety and Calibration tools

Mar 17, 2016
File Format Pdf-256x256Sometimes a game can go in an unexpected direction, or explore difficult subjects, and situations or topics may come up that causes players to feel uncomfortable, scared, or even trigger memories of traumatic events.

Player Contributions

Mar 17, 2016
Or better phrased, who has authority to do what? In the origin of our hobby the Game Master had both the responsibility and authority to govern many aspects of the game. How challenging is that task to accomplish? How friendly is a random cobbler on the street? What happens when you do pull the sword from the stone?

The Future of Gaming

Mar 16, 2016
Since the inception of Big Bad Con, we've been looking at what could be done to make the con a better place for all. In the past years we focused on making it more inclusive by asking special guests to attend, creating the scholarship fund, and continuing to develop and communicate our community standards. We've also looked at other avenues for growth including board/card game tracks, organized play, and adding a fourth day to the convention. Not all of these ideas have come to fruition yet, but we continue to consider new ways to make Big Bad Con even better.

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