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Huffing and puffing and blowing another house down

Jul 24, 2012
The Wolf is howling at the moon in excitement for Big Bad Con 2012. His appetite for games however, is hard to fill. Little Red has rounded up over 100 games (schedule coming soon), plus Games on Demand, open gaming, panels and the Improv Workshop. Still... it isn't enough to sate The Wolf's hunger for games. The schedule is packed but he wants more. How does he want to do it? Bingo, add another full day of gaming in 2013.

Little Red is putting on her Riding Hoodie

Jun 27, 2012
Little Red is getting ready to don on her riding hood. Grandma is changing into her finest nightgown. Heck, even The Wolf is sharpening his teeth to look good. Why? Look at all these awesome LARPs at Big Bad Con:

Ryan Macklin running at Big Bad Con

Jun 26, 2012
Ryan Macklin, friend of The Wolf (we've both spent time under the Woodsman's axe), and immanent creature of the Internet, will be packing his backs and coming back to Oakland to game with us at Big Bad Con. So far this is what we've got on the schedule from Ryan:

All the con you want - None of the stress.

Jun 26, 2012
Big Bad Con wants you to come and game all weekend without having to worry about what games you’ll get into. To make this happen The Wolf has installed and online sign up system. Starting September 1st (over a month before the con), you can register for games online.

Our GMs - The Best of The Best

Jun 25, 2012
The Wolf has been going to conventions for over a decade, slowly adding names of the biggest, baddest GMs to his little black book. Each year, for Big Bad Con he invites, cajoles or conscripts them all to run at Big Bad Con. Just to name a few, here are some of the amazing GMs that will be running games at Big Bad Con 2012:

Focused Con with a Personal Touch

Jun 25, 2012
There is a real advantage to Big Bad Con being small. At this size (under 300 guests) I can personally oversee every part of it from start to finish. Is my dedication to the con obsessive-compulsive? Well, yes, it probably is. Here is how you reap the benefits:

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