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Big Bad Con - Becoming More Accessible

Sep 25, 2015
Elsa S HenryThe Wolf had the delightful treat at Gencon of meeting Elsa S Henry (@snarkbat) and talking about both the Fate Accessibility project, and improving accessibility for people with disabilities at Big Bad Con.

In memory of Richard Taylor

Sep 18, 2015
1655658_10152889629656661_8885726089387596555_oUnsurprisingly I met Rich in a convention game he was running. It was Conquest, back when it was at the Elk's Lodge. I also met Mike Bogan in that game, and, as appropriate to a Buffy game spoofing the 80s Brat Pack movies (the game was "Better off Undead") we had hilarious hi-jinks together.

Badges sold out

Sep 15, 2015
Hard to imagine but The Wolf, Little Red, and Grandma's house are all filled up.

Big Bad Gauntlet

Aug 29, 2015
Big Bad Gauntlet_02This year, in place of the previous Big Bad GM competition, we are debuting a new event -- The Big Bad Gauntlet. BBG is a new co-opĀ game structure that pits both the players and the GMs against a single adversary.

After Hours Event Submissions

Aug 15, 2015
Game submissions closed but we're taking a few more games... Big Bad Con is looking for great gamemasters to run great games that challenge, delight, and welcome our attendees. Run enough games, and we will cover your badge!

Wolf Den Under Construction

Aug 7, 2015

The Wolf met today with the HiltonĀ and foundĀ out that Building 5 (where we normally host the con) will be undergoing renovation while we're there. We live in exciting times!

Illustration of Little Red

Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.