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Games on Demand at Big Bad Con

Sep 25, 2012
games on demand banner1Games on Demand is an awesome addition to Big Bad Con. To make sure we're all playing nice at Grandma's house though, The Wolf is going to layout some guidelines here:

Gifts from The Hat

Sep 21, 2012
Fred Hick, and all of Evil Hat for that matter is made of awesome. It's been said before, but it's worth repeating now. As just another example of that awesome, Evil Hat just sent me a stack of these sweet shirts for the staff and GM running in the Evil Hat room. The only thing he could have done that would have been more awesome was send a super-intelligent ape to atten the con in one of these shirts.... wait Fred... don't get any ideas... the shirts are great as is!

Big Bad 5K

Sep 21, 2012
A few people have told The Wolf the'd like to get a little exercise at Big Bad Con. What, is running from your lives so The Wolf doesn't devour you whole not enough? So what about this, a 5K run on Sunday morning 8AM? It goes around Martin Jr. Regional Shoreline, so it should be a pretty nice run. Check it:

Big Bad Dates

Sep 7, 2012
Little Red has made this friendly reminder to everyone about dates to watch out for:

Exhibitor Information

Aug 26, 2012
Big Bad Con is a charity event, and that commitment to giving extends to our exhibitors, too! If you want to bring your wares to our con, please submit your application below.

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