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Big Bad Lodging (update 9/13/2013)

Sep 13, 2013
Grandma's HouseWe have rooms! Fifteen (15) rooms have been added to the block! As expected they don't have the full con discount, but they are still lower than the standard hotel rate. Enough so you can afford to buy the The Wolf a drink or two!

Plenty of Games - All con long

Sep 12, 2013
Wow, those sign ups went quick! Have no fear though, we've got plenty of games still open. Two great ways to get more gaming action at Big Bad Con.

Big Bad Eats - Making them better!

Sep 12, 2013
Big Bad Con is growing every year, and the Goats welcome back attendees from previous years and can’t wait to meet people coming for the first time.

Big Bad Lodging (update 9/11/2013)

Sep 11, 2013
Grandma's HouseAs many folks have probably found out the hard way, the room block for Big Bad Con has filled up. We're working our little goat tails off trying to get more rooms added, but it's slow going. Raiders are storming Oakland that weekend and instead of pillaging gold and treasures, they are taking up rooms at the Hilton (read: Football weekend).

Games filled up - Ben Lehman brought us more!

Sep 10, 2013
5522733-edible-snail-on-the-white-backgroundBig Bad has tons of great games on the roster... and boy did they go fast. Never fear, we continue to add awesome games as we see demand. Monte Lin offered us more Monsterhearts. Joe Mcdaldno gave us Apocalypse World and Ribbon drive. Now Ben Lehman has arrived and he's rivaling Carl Rigney for most games run at the con! Here's what he's offering:

Goats in the Gruff!

Aug 30, 2013
The Goats Gruff are proud to tromp all the way from the Black Forest to meet you at Grandmas House (read: the con) and then onto your backs!

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