Feedback = Awesome(r) Con

Jun 25, 2012

Last year Big Bad Con over 200 player feedback forms to find out how we could improve the con. Once collected the data was aggregated into a spreadsheet to find out where the con was rocking, and where it was wrecking.

Here are some of the changes made in 2012 based on feedback from last year:

Private gaming rooms. Nine (9) guest rooms have been added to the convention. Want a private room for your game? Now you can request one during submittal.

Games on Demand. Last year there was a space for open gaming, but no dedicated GMs standing by ready to run games. This year, Games on Demand not only has it’s own room, but there are also GMs scheduled to be in the room, ready to run the games you want to play.

Hotel amenities improved. Last year speed was an issue, as gamers often wanted to get food in the middle of a break and didn’t have much time. This year the hotel will have a number for phone orders, so you can place the order in advance and only step away from the table to pick it up. Also, there was no clear signs where food should be picked up and ordered, and not of the staff knew about the con. This year the hotel is adding a dedicated order/pickup area (with a sign welcoming you) and the staff will all be told in advance about the con!

GMs need to step up their game. We only had a few compaints about GMs but the con staff took those seriously. I personally talked to each of the GMs to try and identify what went wrong in the game and what was needed to improve.

Inviting back GMs that rocked the house. The GMs that were loved, which was nearly all of them, have all be invited (and sometimes even cajoled when scheduling conflicts came up) to run again this year. I’m happy to say, all that can make it are coming back!

Ventilation improved. Heat was an issue last year. Because of the pipe and drape, some parts of the room didn’t have good ventilation and got stuffy. This year we’re bringing in fans, kicking up the air conditioning and lowering the drape slightly to improve air flow.

Big Bad Con listens to what you want in a con and works to make it happen. Not every request can be fulfilled (I’m sorry Gazebo Deathmatch), but every one will be looked at with careful consideration. We want this to be the best con experience you have all year!

Illustration of Little Red

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