Community Standards

At Big Bad Con, we foster a community that welcomes marginalized genders, queer folks, people of color, and people with disabilities. We actively work to make the con as physically, socially, and financially accessible as possible, and to cultivate a culture of respect, support, and kindness.


  • We value people over the game. We learn and use people's pronouns. We honor the use of safety and calibration tools.
  • We look for enthusiastic consent. We ask before taking someone’s picture or giving a hug. We apologize and change our behavior when we transgress.
  • We care about health and well-being. We wash our hands, wear masks in event spaces, and avoid contact when sick.


  • We celebrate new players. We take time to teach rules, invite questions, and offer help in-game.
  • We hold space for one another. We keep pathways clear, communicate with patience, and create opportunities for everyone to participate.
  • We invest in our community. Donations made go to our scholarship fund, which helps marginalized folks attend the con.


  • We welcome folks to the table. We pull up a chair. We invite others into our conversations and catch them up.
  • We practice compassion. We’re mindful of our effect on others. We honor boundaries and use them to inform our choices.
  • We’re good to ourselves. We watch out to get enough sleep, food, and water. We take breaks when we need them.

If you find a place where we are falling short, please let us know. This is ongoing work, and we’re committed to improve year after year.

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