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Sep 15, 2016
logo-envoyThanks to the wonderful folks from Envoy and the generous contributions for game manufacturers, this year Big Bad Con will return with the Play-To-Win program! And it will be Bigger and Badder than before!

Project Biomodus game playtest

Sep 7, 2016
Over the years, Big Bad Con has developed a history of amazing game designers bringing their game ideas to try out — we love this! This year is no different as we have a bunch of creative people bringing their games to playtest! There are so many great new interesting games it's hard to pick just one. However, I really wanted to highlight Project Biomodus because their team has put in an incredible amount of effort into preparing for the con.

Guests for Glory

Aug 18, 2016
Take heart! If you come to Big Bad Con this year, you won’t face the duck knights and psychic schoolgirls and perils of a haunted desert alone. Thanks to the community who really came through on our Kickstarter, we’ve provided a pantheon of special guests—game designers, event-runners, and masterminds alike—to make our journey to the heights and depths of danger (and/or New Jersey) the best it can be.

Big Bad Online!

Aug 15, 2016
As a result of this year's Big Bad Con Kickstarter, we had several live online games happen with some amazing GMs — many of whom were designers of the games themselves! It was a great success thanks to not only the GMs but the players and we want to encourage more of these online games in 2017! If you enjoyed these games let us know. If you have ideas how we can expand online games as part of Big Bad Con feel free to contact us.

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