Little Red is on Fire!

Jun 7, 2012

She just got back from the Burning Wheel room and she's still putting out the flames. What? What's this? A Burning Wheel room, where all the Burning Wheel HQ games will be run? Yes indeed!

So far we've got on the roster

  • The Gift - Burning Wheel - 8 Players - Awesome Elf vs. Elf vs. Dwarf vs. Dwarf action!
  • The Name of Hate - Burning Wheel - 6 Players - Orcs who by their nature know nothing but hate must band together to fend off the armies of men.
  • FreeMarket - 4 Players - We are a society of functionally immortal, cybernetically modified, telepathic infovores. You are one of us now. Welcome!
  • Wings of Winter - Mouse Guard - 4 Players - Veteran guard in the grueling winter of 1153
  • Relieve the Fort - Mouse Guard - 4 Players - Can you save an outpost village from the attacks of Weasels? Winter - 1149
  • Danger on the Scent Border - Mouse Guard - 4 Players - Can your patrol repour the scent border before the Territories are invaded by predators?
  • Dungeoneers and Dragonslayers (New BWHQ Playtest) - Do you have what it takes to survive this grim world?

And from what The Wolf has heard... more to come!

Illustration of Little Red

Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.