Little Red is on Fire!

Jun 7, 2012

She just got back from the Burning Wheel room and she's still putting out the flames. What? What's this? A Burning Wheel room, where all the Burning Wheel HQ games will be run? Yes indeed!

So far we've got on the roster

  • The Gift - Burning Wheel - 8 Players - Awesome Elf vs. Elf vs. Dwarf vs. Dwarf action!
  • The Name of Hate - Burning Wheel - 6 Players - Orcs who by their nature know nothing but hate must band together to fend off the armies of men.
  • FreeMarket - 4 Players - We are a society of functionally immortal, cybernetically modified, telepathic infovores. You are one of us now. Welcome!
  • Wings of Winter - Mouse Guard - 4 Players - Veteran guard in the grueling winter of 1153
  • Relieve the Fort - Mouse Guard - 4 Players - Can you save an outpost village from the attacks of Weasels? Winter - 1149
  • Danger on the Scent Border - Mouse Guard - 4 Players - Can your patrol repour the scent border before the Territories are invaded by predators?
  • Dungeoneers and Dragonslayers (New BWHQ Playtest) - Do you have what it takes to survive this grim world?

And from what The Wolf has heard... more to come!

Illustrations by Eden Parkinson
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