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Roleplay Workshop at Big Bad Con

Oct 4, 2017
Logo-2016-09-06Last year Becky and Steve ran a few games for us, which were awesome. This year they are coming back and running a full track of events! But this is just the tip of the iceberg, Roleplay Workshop offers great games and classes all year long:

How does this all work?

Oct 2, 2017
Red_narrowInterested in Big Bad Con and have questions? Here's the place to get answers. Of note, we also have a lot of resources at the bottom of the page in the FAQ section, and if you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us with the contact form that is down there as well. Now, onto the information!

New Red! New Wolf!

Aug 6, 2017
Introducing our new illustrations of Red and the Wolf for Big Bad Con 2017!

A Week in SF

May 8, 2017

Come hang out in the Bay Area the week before Big Bad Con! We’re organizing activities in San Francisco and East Bay from Tuesday, October 10th through Thursday the 12th.

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The Wolf Detective is on the hunt!

Illustration of Little Red

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