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Big Bad Dates

Sep 7, 2012
Little Red has made this friendly reminder to everyone about dates to watch out for:

Exhibitor Information

Aug 26, 2012
Big Bad Con is a charity event, and that commitment to giving extends to our exhibitors, too! If you want to bring your wares to our con, please submit your application below.

Approved Vendor Information

Aug 26, 2012
You're an approved vendor for Big Bad Con? Awesome. Here is all the vendor information for 2019 and a payment form at the bottom.

Age Policy

Aug 24, 2012
Teen Games & EventsWe welcome all teens from 13-17 years old to attend Big Bad Con 2018. We are happy to announce the new Teen Games & Events Track for young gamers! Big Bad Con supports roleplaying games for all ages. We believe that young gamers need age-appropriate games, and all gamers should play in an environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves freely.

112 Events. LIVE!

Aug 7, 2012
The games are in, the schedule made. Now it's time to look at all the awesome and try not to drool on your keyboard.

Bay Area Beware

Aug 1, 2012
The Wolf hasn't got anything out for the Bay Area. It's a nice place to huff and puff, you know.

Big Bad Con threads have arrived!

Jul 31, 2012
Little Red has given her stamp of approval on the T-shirt art, and we are now ready to take orders. We're only going to have a limited number for sale at the con, so pre-order before Sept 14th and when you arrive at Big Bad Con, your order will be waiting for you!

Polling for interest in D&D and Pathfinder

Jul 30, 2012
The Wolf looking to see if there is an appetite for Dungeons and Dragons (of various additions) and/or Pathfinder at Big Bad Con. Let us know if you have interest in playing any of the following:

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