At Big Bad Online we're hosting 24 hours of panels starting March 31 at 6PM PST!

Events List

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Beyond Kings & Castles in Fantasy Worldbuilding

Erin Roberts, Mario Ortegón, Kelly Marie Tran, Pam Punzalan

Panel Topical

Breaking Systems & Capturing Inspiration: Delving Deeper!

Rae Nedjadi, Josh Hittie

Panel Topical

Open Licensing & Beyond: How to Help Creators Build on Your Games

April Walsh, Lex Bobrow, Viditya Voleti, jay dragon

Panel Practicum

Pitching YOU: Putting Your Best Foot Forward In Industry Meetings

Carlos Cisco, Omar Najam, Elise Rezendes, Markeia McCarty, Carlos Luna

Playtest Practicum

Pitching Your Intellectual Property

Banana Chan, Sebastian Yue, Carlos Cisco, Austin Taylor

Panel Practicum

The Art of Playing YOU - Playing Characters & Being an Artist in the Age of Technology

Anjali Bhimani

Panel Practicum

Toss Your Dice, Not Your Controller: Adapting Your Favorite Video Game to TTRPGs

Pam Punzalan, Liana MacKenzie, Adira Slattery, JK Saavedra, Collette Quach

Panel Topical

Where 50 Game Designers Got Their Ideas

Haley Gordon, Vee Hendro

Panel Practicum

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