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A Taste of The Wolf

Sep 19, 2011
1-Day passes to Big Bad Con are now available. There are a few particulars you need to know first:

A schedule for the Visual Thinkers

Sep 17, 2011
The Wolf isn't a big fan of long charts with lots of numbers. They make his ears twitch. What he likes is a big graph with all the games listed so he can just scratch out the ones he's not going to play in. If you like graphs too, check out these copies of the schedule:

Big Bad on Your Back!

Sep 16, 2011
Ink Monkey Graphics has produced a work of art...three works of art! And they can be yours (see purchase information below)

Imperial Academy Dropouts Live

Sep 13, 2011
The Wolf took a ride out to Sacramento to see the band practice. Much video footage was taken of them performing, but while we wait for it to upload here's a pic of the band after practice. Notice the nerd core rage tempered by hours of rocking out.

Race to Adventure!

Sep 7, 2011
Race to AdventureThe Wolf is howling crazy about the new Spirit of the Century board game: Race to Adventure! AND... Big Bad Con is the first to host a Race to Adventure Tournament!

The Wolf has summoned a Four-Eyed Demon!

Aug 31, 2011
Mike BoganMike Bogan, the GM who brought you “Between a Heavenly and a Hellish Place” (In Nomine – 2006), “In the Aching Night (Promethean – 2007), “Go Ask Alice” (Wushu – 2008), “The Good, the Bad and the Godly” (Scion – 2009), “The Lovecraft Files” (Edge of Midnight – 2010), and "Ashes to Ashes" (FATE - 2011) now presents his newest gaming venture:

Game Design Seminar Over Drinks

Aug 26, 2011
Ryan Macklin and Leonard Balsera from Evil HatWhen: Saturday, 10pm on. Where: The hotel bar. Who: Leonard Balsera & Ryan Macklin from Evil Hat Productions Length: As long as the bar's open. Maybe longer.

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