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Last chance to order Big Bad Con T-shirts

Oct 11, 2011
If you missed getting a t-shirt at the con, here's another chance to do it. Cut off date is 10/16, as I'll be ordering the shirts (so I can get them out to everyone on time) after that.

Big Bad Con 2011 - A Huge Success

Oct 10, 2011
Thank you everyone who made Big Bad Con such an success. There is no way it would have happened without all of you coming and making it awesome.

Big Bad Con Content Standards

Oct 5, 2011
Big Bad Con defines all games maturity levels based on the information supplied by the GM. Big Bad Con does not review GM scripts and cannot guarantee that GMs will always conform to the maturity they specify, though Big Bad Con does expect this of all GMs. We hope these ratings will be helpful in selecting games players are most likely to enjoy.

LARPer call to action!

Sep 29, 2011
This is a letter written by Greg Wirth, a LARP GM at Big Bad Con. It is a call to action for LARPers in the Bay area. Greg writes:

Special Orders from EndGame delivered to YOU!

Sep 29, 2011
Awesome dude Chris Hanrahan from EndGame has offered to do special deliveries to Big Bad Con. Have a game you've been looking for? Drop Chris an email and let him know. If he's got it in stock (or can get it by the con), he'll have it waiting for you in the dealers room. And if you buy it at the con, 10% of the proceeds go to Child's Play. Customer service and giving games to kids in hospitals? That is some Big Bad Awesomeness!

This Just-in: A new contender has entered the ring!

Sep 27, 2011
Big Bad GM Contestant Randy Davenport cannot make it to Big Bad Con. Some excuses like 2000 miles to travel or a bounty on his head are keeping him in Boston. Or maybe he just couldn't handle the pressure.  So the Big Bad Wolf was forced to call on his secret weapon, a GM that will make the other contestants tremble...

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