Accessibility Policy

As part of our principles of respect, support, and kindness, Big Bad Con works to provide games, events, and social spaces that are accessible to as many people as possible, specifically:

  • We do not discriminate in any way against attendees or staff with disabilities.
  • We ensure our venue provides ADA accessible sleeping rooms and ADA accessible stalls in all shared bathrooms.
  • We provide ramp, user-operated lift, or elevator access to all event spaces.
  • We provide accessible gaming gear (see below).
  • We keep pathways clear, wide enough, and usable by people with visual, mobility, and other needs.
  • We provide priority access to services as needed (see below).
  • We have a respite room with noise canceling headphones, quiet activities, and a privacy screen for lactation.
  • Our website aligns with the W3C accessibility standards, including our gaming schedule.
  • We grant free badges to caregivers and companions.
  • We are pleased to accommodate service animals.

We know that COVID safety and accessibility are intimately tied. For more information about the precautions we’re taking to keep our community safe from COVID-19 at Big Bad Con, check out our COVID safety policies.

If you find that we are not upholding our goals or there are ways we can improve, please email If anyone violates these principles at the con, or you experience resistance from any of the staff or attendees, please let us know by emailing

Accessibility at the Hyatt

Sleeping room accessibility features:

  • Emergency strobe light and strobe light smoke detector
  • Closed-captioned TV
  • Wide doors
  • Lowered thermostat and light switches
  • Lowered peephole and door latch
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Lift access to the foyer
  • MERV-10 air filters in the rooms

Conference space accessibility features:

  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Lift access to the foyer
  • Wheelchair accessible under the ADA provisions
  • Shuttles are equipped with wheelchair lifts/ramps
  • MERV-8 air filters in all public spaces
  • Atrium has 4x MERV-15 filters pulling air up and exhausting it through the roof

The Hyatt is approximately 300’ across. Map including distances here

Accessible Gaming Gear

Below is a list of our current accessible gaming gear. You can find this gear at the registration desk as well as on a table in the front of our Games on Demand space

  • Dice Boot
  • Braille Dice
  • Large dice
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Egg pen/pencil grips
  • Large pencils
  • Large pens
  • Reaching sticks
  • Card Holder
  • Dice Tray
  • Dice rollers
  • High contrast dice
  • Masks with clear windows (to facilitate lip-reading)
  • Large format versions of our programs and schedules

Priority Access

  • During Games on Demand boarding, we offer priority boarding upon request.
  • We provide reserved seating and reserved wheelchair spaces for all panels and Games on Demand boarding.
  • We provide priority access at the registration desk for those who cannot stand in lines.

Illustration of Little Red

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