Join The Rangers

Rangers are the folks that make Big Bad Con possible! We're here to greet people when they arrive, get them registered, and help them find their way throughout the con. We also get to work with amazing folks. Rangers provide an atmosphere of calm during an otherwise hectic weekend of activities. Want to join us? Here's all the deets:

Free admission: anyone who signs up for 8+ hours of volunteer shifts and/or running games gets a free 4-day badge to attend the con.

Big Bad Con Ranger Roles

Here's all the work we do. If you're ready to engage with our community, consider one of these roles!

Registration Desk: If you want to be part of the Big Bad Con central hub, join the Registration team! The Registration Desk is an often demanding, but always rewarding, position at Big Bad Con. Those stationed here help attendees acquire their badge, collect Kickstarter rewards, buy merchandise, sign up for scheduled games, and find their way about.

Greeter: If you’d like to share your excitement about Big Bad Con, become a Greeter! Our Greeters welcome attendees as they enter the convention and help them get to where they need to be. They give directions, but also encouragement. A Greeter is often the first point of contact with convention staff, and helps set the tone for the weekend.

Board Game Host: If you love board games and want to help others enjoy them, this is the job for you! The Board Game Host checks games in and out of our extensive library, offering suggestions to those in need.

Games on Demand Host: If you’d like to make gaming dreams come true for attendees, become a Games on Demand (GoD) host! GoD Hosts run a boarding pass system that allows attendees to queue up for two and four hour drop-in games in a stress-free manner. They manage the queue while also managing player and facilitator expectations.

Panel Room Host: If you love the amazing panels put on by Big Bad Con attendees and want to help people get set up to present, sign up to be a panel room host! You'll be the one keeping the the panels running smoothly and making sure the speakers have everything the need.

Setup/Breakdown: If you want to work behind the convention scenes, here is your opportunity! Those working Setup or Breakdown need to be able to take direction when offered and rapidly enact plans of action. They’ll be building or dismantling stanchions, putting up or taking down signage, and loading or unloading everything as needed.

Plus, all Rangers have access to our Ranger Station, a place to relax behind the scenes!

Volunteer Shifts

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Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.