Join The Rangers

Rangers are the folks that make Big Bad Online possible! We're here to greet people in the discord, announce panels, and help produce the online stream. We also get to work with amazing folks. Want to join us? Here's all the deets:

Big Bad Online Ranger Roles

Discord Greeter: Just as we welcome folks when they walk in the physical doors of the con, this year we want to welcome folks when they arrive on the Discord server. Greeters will roam the Discord lobby as well as the other channels to:

  • Welcome attendees
  • Help them find events and hangout areas
  • Spread cheer!

Stream Moderators: All of our panels this year will be streamed on YouTube. Stream Moderators will perform three important tasks:

  • Welcome folks in Stream Chat
  • Moderate chat to enforce our code of conduct
  • Convey questions that come up in chat to the panel moderator.

Panel Moderators: For each panel we’ll have one panel moderator that will be on stream with the other panelists helping them:

  • Keep the conversation going
  • Spread the spotlight around
  • Remind them of the time remaining
  • When applicable, ask question(s) sourced from chat (as sent by the Stream Moderator)

Stream Producers: For each panel we’ll have one producer who will manage the Streamyard account and produce the stream. Specific task will be to:

  • Ensure all the panelists have their cameras and mics working as intended
  • Start and stop the streams
  • Display opening and closing slides.

Training for all of these roles will be provided ahead of time by the Big Bad Con staff. We’ll ask that each Ranger attends a 1-hour training in late-September / early-October to review all the duties of the role, provide us feedback, and ask any questions.

Would you like to be part of putting on Big Bad Online this year? Because, we would love to have you!

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