Game Registration, Badges, and Big Bad Teens

Aug 30, 2016

Big Bad Con 2016 is coming up fast. We can’t wait! We’ll be settling into our new home in the Walnut Creek Marriott with 30 private game rooms, fantastically talented special guests running games and panels, and much more. All games are online and scheduled now, and registration opens September 10 at noon (PST)!

Game signups this year will be in 3 phases:

  • Phase I (Sept 10 at noon PST) — everyone can sign up for a maximum of 2 events, gamers ages 13-17 have priority for Teen events.
  • Phase II (Sept 17 at noon PST) — everyone can sign up for a maximum of 4 events, gamers ages 13-17 have priority for Teen events.
  • Phase III (Sept 24 at noon PST) — event signups have no maximum limit, gamers 18+ can sign up for Teen events.

A calendar view of the games: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

Important: Please verify your badge before September 10 so you don’t encounter delays when registering for games.

One new addition to the con we are especially excited about is Big Bad Teens. This year, Big Bad Con will feature rpgs, larps, and workshops specifically for young players ages 13-17. We’re thrilled to be providing this new track of age-appropriate events for young gamers, in an environment where all gamers can feel comfortable expressing themselves freely.

Our mission is to get the word out about Big Bad Teens across the Bay Area and beyond. Would you like to join us, and become an honorary member of the Wolf Pack? Great! Spread the word to friends, coworkers, and fellow parents about Big Bad Teens:

  • We have a diverse selection of events for gamers ages 13-17. Adult gamers may join, but teens get priority! Signups for teen games are limited only to teens until 9/24 and then those games will be open to all.
  • Teen 3-day badges are $25, and teen one-day badges are only $15!
  • All badges can be purchased online before Oct 5 or at the reg desk Oct 14-16.
  • Remember, you need a badge to register for games, so we suggest buying and verifying your badge before September 10!

We strive to create a safe, comfortable, and inclusive community, and can’t wait welcome teens to Big Bad Con 2016.

Looking forward to another great con!

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