Project Biomodus game playtest

Sep 7, 2016

Over the years, Big Bad Con has developed a history of amazing game designers bringing their game ideas to try out — we love this! This year is no different as we have a bunch of creative people bringing their games to playtest! There are so many great new interesting games it's hard to pick just one. However, I really wanted to highlight Project Biomodus because their team has put in an incredible amount of effort into preparing for the con.

What is Project Biomodus you ask?

Project Biomodus is a apocalyptic future roleplaying game where humanity is dead. The ecosystem is a spiraling engine of overworked bio-mechanical constructs, trying desperately to adapt and survive in on a world that is falling ever closer to death. Nothing is as it once was, and in the middle of it all – the transhuman descendants of humanity: Homo Biomodi – struggle to carve out their survival in a world of hollowed-out, concrete husks, vast deserts of ash and dirt and under the predatory eyes of the twisted monsters who survived alongside them.

If this sort of amazing intense crazy scifi interests you then I highly recommend signing up!

More info on Project Biomodus

For more on Project Biomodus check them out on twitter @projectbiomodus or their website:

Did I mention how awesome the art they made for this is?!

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Illustration of Little Red

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