Game schedule is live - Verify your badge today!

Sep 9, 2017


Big Bad Con games are approaching. Signal's clean. Range, twenty meters.

Fifteen meters… Game schedule is now live!

This is a big signal! There are so many games!

Twelve meters… Verify your badge now!

They're right on us! Almost here! Sign ups start at noon on September 16th!

Remember, short controlled bursts! You can only register for 2 games during the first week of registration!

Nine meters. Seven. Six… That can't be! That's inside the room!


Thanks to our sponsors

We are so excited to open games registration. There is such an amazing list of games and events this year. We want to thank all of our donors for supporting our kickstarter. We also want to thank this year’s generous sponsors Bully Pulpit Games and Evil Hat for helping support Big Bad Con 2017!


Game Schedule is now live!

The game schedule is now live and game registration opens at noon (PST) on September 16th!

You can also get a visual of the entire game schedules here:

Make sure to register your badge before registration begins! During the first week of game registration you are limited to signing up for only 2 games. On Sept 23rd this opens up to 4 games and Sept 30th it opens up fully with no maximum.

In years past, we have sometimes had issues with the game registration due to the horde of everyone trying to register at the same time. We think we have fixed most of the issues on the backend but please bare with us if you run into trouble. You can follow us for any updates on twitter: @bigbadcon.

Reopening Game Submissions!

We have a few open game slots so we are reopening game submissions! Got an idea for a game but missed the deadline? Sign up to run a game now! Don’t have a game to submit but want to help Big Bad Con happen? Then sign up to volunteer as a member of the Wolf Pack!

Don your Wizards Robes for New World Magiscola!

The wondrous magical college of New World Magiscola is coming to Big Bad Con! There will be multiple runs of their new card game New World Magischola House Rivalry — which will be Kickstarting on Sept 18th! And a run of their LARP, A Wolf By Any Other Name — Wands and wizard robes provided!

Illustration of Little Red

Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.