Can Tori drive you to Big Bad Con?

Aug 16, 2012
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Little Red: Tori wants a driving buddy to go from Maine to Oakland and come to Big Bad Con. The Wolf: ROAD TRIP!

Both fantastical figures were delighted when they found this post [Can I drive you to Big Bad Con](Can I drive you to Big Bad Con?)? on Story Games:

This is suuuper random, but!

I just heard from Joe Mc'd about Big Bad Con.

I happen to be driving home to the West Coast from Maine at the end of September.

I've been brainstorming ways to get someone to ride with me, and was hoping to find someone who might want to stop and play story games with random people along the way. And, perhaps, end the trip in the lovely Bay Area and attend Big Bad Con (Oct 5th-7th).

Could this be you? Someone who can take a week long road trip to travel to a 3 day con? Do you live on the East Coast (or really, anywhere in between Maine and Oakland) and did you just need one simple excuse to justify going to Big Bad Con??

A little about me: 31 year old lady, from Seattle, used to be a host on a tiny gaming podcast (Self Critical Hits), currently working as a farmer in a teeny town in downeast Maine. Have an excellent and eclectic sampling of music, love road trips, am generally fantastically excited about life, and I will always make sure there is plenty of coffee.

I can get all sorts of strange west coast story gamers to vouch for my general sanity and not-going-to-stab-you-in-the-eyeball-while-you-sleep-ness. Also important to note: at my advanced age, I just learned how to drive, so I am looking for someone who will be nice and understanding and not prone to hyperventilating (I will try really hard not to make you hyperventilate, I promise).

This will probably not make sense for anyone's time line or life or how they want to spend their vacation time. Or it could be the best damn story gaming buddy movie ever made (did I not mention we would be making a buddy movie?).

Also important to note: anyone from the west coast who wants to fly to Maine in order to drive back West with me, that would also be acceptable and awesomepants.

Thanks for reading.

— Tori

Tori, we're all for it. May you have the best of luck in finding a super cool driving buddy. If you happen to be that would-be-super-cool driving buddy, let Tori know on her original post.

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