GIANT Race to Adventure!

Sep 13, 2012

Remember last year when we demo'd the prototype for Race to Adventure? Well, RTA is back, and BIGGER than ever!

Eric K Lytle, one of the game designers will be back at Big Bad Con running not just the soon to b e released Race To Adventure, but a GIANT version of the soon to be released Race to Adventure. About the game:

Race to Adventure!™ is easy to learn, and you can play in 20-30 minutes. In each round, players will take turns selecting one of 6 different items … and then all players perform their action at the same time. Snatch a golden eagle egg from a Himalayan mountain peak, escape the Mummy King, rescue a prisoner from Atlantis and much more in this family adventure game!

Eric will be running games between the normal RPG time slots Saturday and Sunday evening at 7PM. Sign up for them now:

Saturday - GIANT Race to Adventure Sunday - GIANT Race to Adventure

A picture of the GIANT board!

Illustration of Little Red

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