In memory of Richard Taylor

Sep 18, 2015

1655658_10152889629656661_8885726089387596555_oUnsurprisingly I met Rich in a convention game he was running. It was Conquest, back when it was at the Elk's Lodge. I also met Mike Bogan in that game, and, as appropriate to a Buffy game spoofing the 80s Brat Pack movies (the game was "Better off Undead") we had hilarious hi-jinks together.

Rich opened my eyes to another kind of gaming. He is the reason why a year later I applied to be a Good Omens GM, why I realized I'd rather fill my game with laughter and sorrow and discovery than with treasure and dragons. He's the reason I played Buffy and the Storyteller System, and later that I started to explore indie games.

Good Omens Con would not have happened if not for Rich. And because of that Big Bad Con would not have happened if not for Rich. And because of that, thousands of dollars would not have been raised for DWB, and hundreds of pounds of food would not have been collected for ACCFB. Amazing games would not have happened and amazing friends might not have met.

Rich showed me how to be a better gamer and, in doing so, how to be a better person.

Big Bad Con 2105 is dedicated in memory to Richard Taylor.

You were a great man Rich. You will not be forgotten.

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