Big Bad Con - Becoming More Accessible

Sep 25, 2015

Elsa S HenryThe Wolf had the delightful treat at Gencon of meeting Elsa S Henry (@snarkbat) and talking about both the Fate Accessibility project, and improving accessibility for people with disabilities at Big Bad Con.

Much to our delight Elsa has signed up to be our accessibility consultant and help make the con more accessible to all.

Here’s a few things we’re doing this year:

  • Adding Elsa to the staff. This may seem self explanatory, but we believe in Nothing About Us Without Us and we’re delighted to have Elsa with us!
  • Accessibility support for the GM. If you’re running a game and accessibility needs come up, contact any of our staff and they will get in touch with Elsa immediately to work towards a solution.
  • Accessibility feedback solicited from all attendees. If you have an accessibility concern or question let us know. Email us at We’ll also include this in the program, so if you notice anything while you’re there, you can let us know!

Find out more about Elsa on our Staff page.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us in making Big Bad Con even better for all!

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