Babble On Equity Project

Apr 30, 2019

From DC, the BOEP Director:

The Babble On Equity Project exists to provide marginalized people equity.

We’re starting with the tabletop roleplaying game community where the Babble On discord community was born. And we're taking on one of the biggest challenges in the TTRPG industry: bringing out people of color to conventions, where we are often in small number. Conventions have a reputation for being unsafe for not only people of color, but also women, femmes, non-men, queer folx, neurodivergent individuals, and people with disabilities. However, one convention has earned a reputation that challenges these issues head-on.

Big Bad Con, in Walnut Creek, California.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to bring out as many people of color as possible. Many of these people are designers, but many are also community leaders, fantastic players, game masters, and artists. All of whom deserve the opportunity to experience a convention that treats people well both in general, and in consideration of their background.

Illustration of Little Red

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