This Just-in: A new contender has entered the ring!

Sep 27, 2011

Big Bad GM Contestant Randy Davenport cannot make it to Big Bad Con. Some excuses like 2000 miles to travel or a bounty on his head are keeping him in Boston. Or maybe he just couldn't handle the pressure.  So the Big Bad Wolf was forced to call on his secret weapon, a GM that will make the other contestants tremble...

Hailing from Petaluma, finalist in the Golden Geek podcast award from Board Game geeks, first GM to run a Horror Fate game that sent chills down The Wolf's spine, prop-maker extraordinaire, and soon to be father, The Wolf Proudly presents Justin "Mr. Boy" Evans, aka This Just-in...and yes, that is a butterfly on his head.

Justin has been rocking Fate since the Dresden Files was a "coming soon" postcard. He's used it to run Firefly space opera, horror, and many other milieus. At Big Bad Con his fate will be in the hands of the judges. Can he take the three ingredients they provide and make something magical? Find out at Big Bad GM!

Illustration of Little Red

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