Game sign ups go live 9/7 - Everything you need to know before then!

Aug 31, 2013

So many things are happening at Big Bad Con right now, here's the highlights:

  • The schedule is live. You can see the game listing by going to events or view the games visually on the calendar.
  • If you haven't already purchased a badge, or recieved one for GMing or volunteering, pick up one now pronto! You'll want one by September 7th (just a weeek away) when game registration opens. Head over here to get a badge.
  • If you have a badge already, but haven't verified it, verify it now so you know your account is active and that you'll be able to sign up for games when reg opens!
  • Like swag? Check out the Big Bad Threads. This year the Goats Gruff have got your back!

A couple other tidbits you may want to know.

  • Hotel rooms are still available at the con rate, but the rate ends 9/20 and the rooms could run out before then. If you're staying at the hotel and haven't arealdy, book a room now. As always parking at the hotel is free.
  • Big Bad Con is going mobile! The app should be delivered for iPhone and Android soon. Here's an early preview.
  • For all attending, Big Bad Con now has a code of conduct. Please have a look.

Looking forward to seeing you at the con!

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