Stretch Goal Guests

Thanks to the incredible support of our crowdfunding campaign, this year we'll be able to bring out these amazing guests.

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Aaron Catano-Saez he/him

Aaron is a Voice Actor, Podcaster, and TTRPG Enjoyer from glorious South Jersey, home of BOOST!, The Pine Barrens, and The Jersey Devil. He is co-creator of the fantasy world-building and storytelling podcast All My Fantasy Children, and a cast member on the all-ages actual play podcast Skyjacks: Courier's Call. In TTRPG World he has been a contributing writer for Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall, ability designer for Perilous, and has recently been creating audiobooks for games like Anyone Can Wear the Mask, Sanctuary & Sentinel, and Tears of A Machine!

Aaron will be running these events:

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Bee Zelda they/them

Bee Zelda is your nonbinary busy bee. They are a professional TTRPG Twitch streamer, podcaster and writer. You can find some of their works with Roll20, Kobold Press, D&D Adventurers League, and more. You can listen to their current podcasts Anime Attache, and Windsor Small Talk. Or check out some of their current projects with the indie TTRPG Paris Gondo and indie video game Pekoe.

Bee will be running these games:

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Connie Chang they/he/she

Connie Chang is a queer and trans Chinese-American game designer, screenwriter, and actual play Game Master who loves threading queer drama with black-hearted apocalyptica. She is the GM and Creative Producer for Transplanar RPG, and all-transgender, people of color-led dark fantasy TTRPG show set in an original noncolonial, antiorientalist multiverse. They are also the designer behind GODKILLER: First Blood, an original holypunk duet PbtA game for one player, the Godkiller, and one GM, God. Connie has appeared on NPR (twice!), the New York Times, and Dimension 20's Adventuring Academy with Brennan Lee Mulligan. Outside of TTRPGs, Connie enjoys playing video games, lifting, and fawning over their cat, Baobao.

Connie will be running these events:

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Connor Alexander he/him

Connor Alexander (Cherokee Nation) is the owner of Coyote & Crow Games, the creator of the award winning Coyote & Crow RPG, and the designer of tabletop games such as Wolves and Naasii. His company focuses on raising the voices of Native creatives and bringing Indigenous concepts and stories to modern gamers everywhere.

Conner will be running these games and panels:

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Vincent Baker has been creating and publishing independent role-playing games since 2001. With Meguey Baker, he co-created Apocalypse World and kicked off the Powered by the Apocalypse boom in ttrpgs. The games he's worked on subsequently include Murderous Ghosts, Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands, The Wizard's Grimoire, and Under Hollow Hills.

Vincent will be running the following games:

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Dominique Dickey they/them

Dominique Dickey is a writer, editor, and cultural consultant working in RPGs and fiction. In addition to creating TRIAL, Plant Girl Game, and co-creating Tomorrow on Revelation III, Dominique has written for Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Dungeons & Dragons, and Pathfinder. Their fiction has appeared in Lightspeed Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, and Nightmare Magazine, among other venues. They live in the DC area, and are always on the hunt for their next idea. You can find them on twitter at @DomSDickey or at

Dominique will be running these games:

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Elliot Baker any pronouns

Elliot joined the family business in 2018, and has published On the Old Dirt Road, Haunted, and an assortment of pieces on the Baker Patreon. With Tovey, Elliot has been developing Tales of Timberwind. When he's not writing or playing games, Elliot spends a lot of time thinking about three-dimensional design, in LEGO, stained glass, and jewelry.

Elliot will be running the games:

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F. Meredith Baker she/her

Meri inherited the Baker family curse of game design, and has been playing and designing games since she was in middle school. As her siblings grew up, she became a regular GM in the Baker House Band, and is now working on several games, including Shell & Soul, a game of heroic bugs. She helps moderate several on-line spaces, and is partially nocturnal.

Meri will be running these games:

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James Mendez Hodes he/him

Mendez is a cultural consultant and game designer whom you might recognize from Avatar Legends, Dungeons & Dragons, the Jackbox Party Packs, or some articles complaining about orcs and racism. His interests include hip hop, comparative martial arts, and religious studies. He's excited to connect with other cultural consultants, both experienced and prospective, and to learn everyone's fighting style at the convention.

Mendez will be running these events:

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Jeff Stormer he/him

Jeff Stormer is an award-winning podcaster and game designer living in Philadelphia, PA. Since 2015, he has hosted Party of One, a TTRPG actual play podcast focused on two-player RPGs. He has additionally co-produced shows including All My Fantasy Children and Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast, which won Best of the Best in Fiction Podcasting at the 2022 New Jersey Web Fest. As a designer, he has published Anyone Can Wear the Mask won a Judge's Spotlight Award at the 2021 ENnies (and also he wrote that Olive Garden LARP). When not podcasting, he enjoys attending professional wrestling with his wife, and hanging out with his cat.

Jeff will be running these events:

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K. Tempest Bradford she/her

K. Tempest Bradford is an award-winning teacher and media critic who writes speculative fiction steeped in Black Girl Magic. She's the author of the Nebula nominated Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion and over a dozen short stories. Her essays have appeared on NPR, io9, and more. Tempest gives talks and teaches classes on representation and diversity though Writing the

Tempest will be running these workshops:

  • A Writing the Other presentation or workshop with a focus on worldbuilding
  • A panel about solo journaling/writing-based games
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LaTia Jacquise she/her

LaTia Jacquise is a queer, Black digital strategist, writer, creator, and variety streamer within the TTRPG industry. A gamer all her life, Chicago native LaTia currently works at Wizards of the Coast as their Community Manager and is a cast member of the D&D actual play Rivals of Waterdeep which airs Sundays on Twitch, serving as the Dungeon Master for its ninth and twelfth seasons, as well as the Dungeon Master for A Familiar Quest: Series Two, also airing on Twitch. Most recently, she was a writer on Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep, a D&D adventure in partnership with Critical Role from Wizards of the Coast. She is also a Twitch affiliate who enjoys a variety of relaxing and low-effort games on her own channel as time allows, and interacting with her community.

LaTia will be running these games and panels:

  • D&D 5th Edition adventure of my design
  • Blood on the Clocktower
  • A panel on community management
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Lexi McQueen she/he/they

Lexi (@blackgirlmage) is a bombastic, high-energy, improv-driven storyteller, professional Game Master, game developer, composer, screenwriter, and plot-predicting extraordinaire. You may recognize her from the all-black, HBCU-inspired Strixhaven series "Strix U", where she explores inexplicable magic, captivating secrets, complex love, and blackness in parallel with black joy. Known for her "Famous Four-Shots", Lexi has a gift for delivering satisfying story beats, engaging with player agency, finding the fun alongside their players, and cutting directly to the hearts of their viewers. Lexi is also the creator of No Bump in the Night. In both the TTRPG and Magic: The Gathering they are always reaching for the stars and bringing joy to every table they land at!

Lexi will be running these events:

  • GM'ing For Actual Plays
  • Write The Perfect One Shot (Workshop)
  • Strixhaven D&D Adventure (Game)
  • Thirsty Sword Lesbians (Game)
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Meguey Baker has been creating and publishing independent role-playing games since 2006, including 1001 Nights, PsiRun, Playing Nature's Year, and the brand-new Under Hollow Hills! With Vincent Baker, she co-created Apocalypse World and kicked off the Powered by the Apocalypse boom in ttrpgs. In her other life, Meg is a museum curator and consultant focused on amplifying non-dominant voices in local history. Meg loves rocks, tea, toast, and socks, and will pet a bee if given the chance.

Meg will be running:

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Michelle Nguyen Bradley she/they

Michelle Nguyen Bradley is a producer, show host, voice actor, writer & professional TTRPG player, currently producing and hosting on Tabletop News. As a show & event producer, Michelle has a decade of experience creating immersive event experiences & creating exciting content for clients like ID@Xbox & /TwitchGaming. As a TTRPG actor, Michelle’s best known roles are: Kiếm on VtM: New York by Night, Hoa Sen on Critical Role & Moogin on Idle Champions. Michelle has also hosted & MCed for Anime Expo's Main Stage, FunimationCon, brand launches & more for over a decade. Find her work at and on socials at @iamchubbybunny.

Michelle will be running these panels:

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Sen-Foong Lim he/him

Sen is constantly dreaming, even when he’s awake. He is passionate about helping people lose track of time in meaningful ways. Sen helped co-design board games like Belfort, Akrotiri, Junk Art, The Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena, Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time, Scooby-Doo: Escape from the Haunted Manor, MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game”, and Rat Queens: To the Slaughter. He also co-authored the TTRPGs Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall, An Exquisite Crime, The Revenant Society, and Tiān Dēng (forthcoming from Evil Hat Productions). Sen has also contributed to The North Sea Epilogues, Gears of Defiance, Never Going Home, The Curse of the House of Rookwood, Tiny Supers, Mecha & Monsters: Evolved, Heckin’ Good Doggos, Queerz, Kids on Bikes, and Avatar: Legends. When he’s not making games, you can find him teaching psychology, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, writing stuff, and co-hosting the Ludology Podcast or the Meeple Syrup Show.

Sen will be running these events:

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Tim Hutching he/him

Tim Hutchings is an artist, TTRPG/larp designer, video-post generalist, and professor of game design at Bradley University in the US. His solo TTRPG game Thousand Year Old Vampire won three Ennies and the Indiecade Tabletop Award and has, so far, been translated into Italian, French, Spanish, and Japanese. Hutchings is a self-publishing indie creator, working (almost) alone on his games.

Tim will be running these games:

  • Weird Horror
  • So You've Met A Thousand Year Old Vampire
  • A Reason To Be
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Tovey Baker they/them

Tovey is basically just a little guy who draws things and does goofs and sometimes writes a playbook or a game. Their work can be seen in various Baker Patreon pieces, including OverDRIVE and Kite Day in Reign Country, as well as work on Tales of Timberwind with Elliot.

Find Tovey at these events:

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