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Calling Dice Dragons! Bookwyrm Games has 168 different types of dice from acrylic to resin, metal to liquid core, even actual gemstones! Dice bags hold your hoard, and trays ensure you’re rolling safely. Engage all sense while gaming with our candy dice or themed scented candles! Check out our 5 set mystery boxes, or even a mystical item monthly subscription for fun surprises every month! Like immersive games? Check out our Quest Chests, a module in a box with physical props. Happy Adventuring!

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Dungeons, Dragons, Donuts & Dice. If you love RPGs and you love pastries, you’ll love Dodecadonuts. We make pastry-themed DnD accessories and other merchandise. Guaranteed Gluten and Sugar-free.

  • THE “DODECADONUT” - Hand-carved dice boxes that happen to look like donuts. Each donut is held together with magnets and splits open to reveal your dice. Sold with a pink felt bag.
  • MAPCARONS - Weighted wooden macarons that hold down your maps. It’s a Map-caron, if you like.
  • COFFEE CUP DICE ROLLERS - A coffee cup that’s a dice roller. Drop your dice in the top and the 3d-printed insert bounces it out the side.
  • We also have pastry and Donut themed T-shirts, Stickers, Pins and more.
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Fool's Moon Entertainment, Inc. (FMEI) is a Canadian company dedicated to giving voice to those communities that are maginalised in the gaming community. Founded over 20 years ago, FMEI has released a number of games, including Fox Magic (which allows one to create their own Japanese fables), Mhar Fantasy (a Medieval alt-Earth), and Widdershins (about lost toys protecting humanity). We are interested in helping indie game designers get their works out into the world or to talk about their work through streaming. We will also be offering select games by House Dok and Penny For A Tale, who share our goals of marginalised representation and whom we have streaming partnerships with.

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Games of Berkeley has provided the greater Bay Area with games, toys, activities, gifts, and a lot in between for over 4 decades.

Thanks to our long history and deep stock, we may have the largest game selection on the West Coast, and can help you find just about any game you're looking for. Our store is stuffed wall-to-wall with board games, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, outdoor items, novelties, and a whole lot more.

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Goodman Games

Goodman Games

Goodman Games has put the experience in your roleplaying adventures for over 20 years! We publish the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG — the game with the funky dice! — and associated product lines, such as Xcrawl Classics and Mutant Crawl Classics. We also publish adventures for 5th Edition including the deluxe versions of Dark Tower & the forthcoming Caverns of Thracia. There's also our all-new sword-and-sorcery fiction line, and much, much more!

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Kenku Court

@KenkuCourt Kenku Court

A community that's quickly turning new players into new Game Masters! How do we do it?

  • Hosting: Online & in-person one-shots of DnD and Indie games. Monster design contests and DM prep/workshop streams!
  • Selling: Dice Jars, Mystery Dice Bags, and Gachapon dice! (Some may be cursed.)
  • Giving Away: Free DnD One-shot Adventure - A heist aboard a cruise ship run by devils!

If you aren't running a game yet, you've been summoned. We'll see you at Kenku Court.

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Quests and Chaos

Quests and Chaos

Quests and Chaos produces content for the tabletop gaming industry including actual play live streams, cooperative board games, and role-playing game accessories.

Our first RPG accessory is the Deck of Inspiration, a set of five card decks that enhance the inspiration mechanic of 5e Dungeons and Dragons. The inspiration decks feature 55 cards to reward your players for great game play. These are fun one-time use boons that create memorable stories around the table. The Deck of Un-Inspiration does the opposite, providing fun consequences for bad player behavior.

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The Sunflower Emporium

@shadowedladysif The Sunflower Emporium

The Sunflower Emporium, previously Sunflower Dice, is home to handmade, artisan dice and tabletop accessories. Find beautiful, one of a kind resin dice to match any character, vibe, or game setting. Pick up a dice bag to store your new wares and find dice jewelry and other trinkets to accessorize in style. Find out more at thesunfloweremporium.com

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TTRPG accessories and gifts made by geeks for geeks. From dice trays and initiative trackers to bath bombs with mystery dice inside, we've got all the tools to level up your gaming experience. Need a Pride flag dice vault or a gelatinous cube soap with a mini trapped inside that can only be freed by washing your hands? Come by and check out our wares at the con or thornhillgaming.com.

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Three Dog Quest LLC (Indie Press Revolution)

Three Dog Quest

Representing Indie Press Revolution. Roleplaying games, Kickstarter Edition Games, dice, game accessories, and more!

Big Bad Con is a charity event, and that commitment to giving extends to our exhibitors, too! All the information below:

Exhibitor Hall Dates and Times


  • Thursday 9AM to 6PM
  • Friday 9AM-12PM

Exhibitor Hall Hours:

  • Friday 12PM-6PM
  • Saturday 10AM-6PM
  • Sunday 10AM-4PM


  • Sunday 4PM-8PM

Hotel Information

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
1333 Old Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, CA 94010

  • Dealers room will be in the Grand Peninsula.
  • Direct loading/unloading access available.
  • See here for more hotel information.

Booth Information

  • ~300 square feet.
  • Power outlets available.
  • Two 6' long banquet tables available.
  • Four banquet chairs available.
  • A locked space that only the hotel and the convention steward has access to, to keep your products secure when the dealers room is closed.


$300 plus a donation of 10% of your proceeds to the Big Bad Con Scholarship Fund or another charity of your choice. Our scholarship fund helps folks at the intersection of marginalized identities attend the con.


Our exhibitor applications are now closed. We will re-open applications in 2024.

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Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.