Big Bad GM - Who is the Biggest, Baddest GM in the Land?

Feb 8, 2011

This October, the Wolf has invited everyone to Grandmother’s house to play, but four will compete to prove which game master is the Biggest, Baddest GM in the land! Our four hand-picked GM’s will compete in the GMing event of the year.

Using only the FATE system and three mystery game ingredients consisting of a genre, an adversary and a location, they will attempt to impress our panel of four judges with their system mastery and ability to run an excellent game with minimum prep. The winner will not only receive the title of Big Bad GM, but will also be rewarded with glory, honor, and…a pin!

Our four Big Bad GM contestants were picked due to their reputations as excellent GMs, ability to run exceptional games off the cuff and, might I say, their huge egos? Meet our four contestants and decide who you think has what it takes to claim the title:

Mike Bogan The Ultimate Superfly TNT Dolemite GM Ninja of All Time, a founder of Good Omens and 4-Eyed Demon, Mike is the go to GM for high action, over the top stunts, cinematic games. A huge fan of Feng Shui, Wushu and now FATE Mike runs games that are fast paced and intense. Mike’s enthusiasm for gaming shines through both as a GM and a player.

As the winner of the GM Throwdown at EndGame in Oakland, Mike has already claimed one trophy and he's coming to Big Bad to take another!

Mike has recently made his foray into fate, converting his games inspired by Bill Willingham's Fables from Wushu to FATE. Lets see what he can do with three secret ingredients. Who knows, one of them may be The Wolf himself!

Justin Evans. Hailing from Petaluma, finalist in the Golden Geek podcast award from Board Game geeks, first GM to run a Horror Fate game that sent chills down The Wolf's spine, prop-maker extraordinaire, and soon to be father, The Wolf Proudly presents Justin "Mr. Boy" Evans, aka This Just-in...and yes, that is a butterfly on his head.

Justin has been rocking Fate since the Dresden Files was a "coming soon" postcard. He's used it to run Firefly space opera, horror, and many other milieus. At Big Bad Con his fate will be in the hands of the judges. Can he take the three ingredients they provide and make something magical? Find out at Big Bad GM!

Shannon Macnamara, Mac, The Mac Attack. Contributor to Montsegur 1244 : The Expansion. Know throughout the land as player, GM and ladies man.

Shanon says: ...wrestled with the moon once but let him win because he was drunk . . . served a term in the Diplomatic Corps overseas in Paris (i.e. intern to the then Ambassador) . . . maidens have swooned at my words and knights have jousted me to keep their ladies; they all lost . . . walked on fire once and my feet were unusually warm for three days after . . .

Ladies and gentleman, Shannon runs his games with a sparkle-glitter baton!

Find him on Facebook or at any of the bay area conventions under Shannon J.E. McNamara

Morgan Ellis, the man of Mystery. Who hides behind that luchador mask? What awesome powers of GMing does he posses? One thing he is known for is not running one or two, not three or four, not even five, but SIX Dresden Files RPG games at Origins in 2010. Will his fortitude be enough to stand up the ultimate challenge? We'll find out at Big Bad Con!

To learn more about the man of mystery follow @mc_ellis

Want in on the action? Sign up now so you can register for the event once registration goes live. Each GM will have four players, and Little Red did the math-that means we have slots for 16 players!

The details:

The contest will last 6 hours total. The first hour will be dedicated to rules and giving the GM’s their secret game ingredients. The game will last approximately 4 hours, and scores will be tallied during the last hour. Signups for the 16 slots will be handled first-come first-serve, so get your name in early! You can’t choose your GM, but you can choose to be a part of the fun!

Wondering about Big Bad GM 2012? GM selection will be done through player nominations, so be sure to rate your GM’s from the rest of the con. And if you want to be considered to compete in the next Big Bad GM, be sure to sign up and run your most rocking games at Big Bad and remind your players to vote!

See you at Grandmas,

Little Red

Illustration of Little Red

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