BigBadCon's Big Bad Event: "Gazebo Deathmatch"

Jan 6, 2011

We are very excited to announce BigBadCon's Big Bad Event: "Gazebo Deathmatch."

A terrible and mighty Gazebo lairs on the grounds of the Oakland Airport Hilton, terrifying in its silent mockery of all life.

"Gazebo, this is the day you die. Charge!!!!!!"  -Victim #145

What we seek are groups to stage a Gamer-versus-Gazebo Deathmatch, a mock assault upon the Gazebo, preferably in costume, during which the participants rail against the Gazebo, rallying themselves with creative pronouncements of the Gazebo’s crimes, lamenting over the souls lost to the gazebo, or even arguing the dangers of attacking it, and at the right moment, charging the mighty foe, only to die spectacularly in the attempt to rid the land of the dreaded Gazebo. Genre is totally open so your Firefly costumes are just as appropriate as your Rokugan or Dr. Horrible garb for this event.

We would like groups to submit written proposals and scripts to me before the convention (deadline TBA), and we will schedule them for a time Saturday night when no games are in session (such that the entire con can bear witness to your epic and entertaining defeat).

We have a few guidelines for your sketch:

  • Proposed scripts should be five to ten minutes in length.
  • Do not include weapons in your sketch (we’re not doing boffer here).
  • Please avoid profanity, though geek profanity is certainly welcome.

The winners, chosen by cheers from the crowd, will be crowned the “Gazebo’s Most Challenging Meal,” awarded with Big Bad Achievements (read "cheap pins that you can wave around that nobody else at the con will get"), accolades from the audience, ribald jests from competitors, and beautiful men and women swooning before their magnificence. Note: Big Bad con will not actually provide any swooning men or women, but we will certainly encourage it.

We hope this is an exciting opportunity to show off and have some fun, and if anyone has any suggestions or concerns, I'm certainly open to your ideas.

Please let The Wolf ( or me ( know what you think. Are you excited? If the prospect isn’t immediately exciting, what kind of changes or incentives could we provide to make it awesome in your eyes? Leave us some feedback!

Big Bad Con is  The Wolf's personal project, born from a desire to see more RPG and LARP cons in the Bay Area.

Big Bad Con October 7-9, 2011 LARP Coordinator: Devon Apple Contact: or

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