Big Bad Con Game Schedule Up - Verify your badge today!

Sep 8, 2014

We'reĀ super excited to have over 150 games on the Big Bad Con schedule, and that's not even counting Games on Demand!

Important things to know (for reals, read this part):

If you're a GM, volunteer, or have purchased a badge, head over here toĀ verify your badge! This is how we confirm your badge is in the system and that you can register for games! You should do this soon, so there won't be any surprise problemsĀ before game sign ups start. And on that note... Game sign ups will go live Saturday 9/20 at 12:00 PM PST. That's noon on the 20th West Coast time. Make sure you've got a badge before then so you can sign up for games as soon as the gates open!

Game Schedule. The game are now scheduled on theĀ events page.

They are also organized in a calendar here:

Badges! If you don't already have a badge here's how to get one:

  • Buy a 3-day pass for $40:Ā
  • Volunteer and Join theĀ Wolf Pack
  • If you missed the cut off and still want to run a couple games, send me an email. We have just a few game slots still open. If you can run games in those slots, we'll get you on the roster.

Other exciting details:

EventsĀ - We've got over 150! Check them outĀ here!

Nine more private room for RPGs!Ā - This year we've doubled our private rooms to 18 total! More private rooms means less noise in your game and more opportunities for music, lighting and getting the toneĀ just right.

To help pay for the extra rooms, we've asked GMs (and others interested) for support. If you are able to contribute, please head over toĀ Nine more private rooms ā€“ Thanks to you!Ā to do so.

Big Bad GM 2014: Brian Isikoff, Bryan Hitchcock, Colin Jessup, and Sam Tlustos will go head-to-head in this incredibleĀ GM showdown.

Food TrucksĀ - This year we've been approved again to bring food trucks to the con! We've got the Thai Truck from last year coming back, Sajj Street Eats, Get Goes Mobile Cafe, and recruiting more now!

Tell Me About Your Character - In perfect Lucy fashion, theĀ Doctor is In. And the doctor is here to listen to all your favorite gaming stories for a $5 donation to Doctors Without Borders!

Doing Good!Ā - Proceeds from Brig Bad Con go to Doctors Without Borders. We also ask that all attendees bring non-perishable food to donate the Alameda County Community Food Bank. We've got barrels that can hold 500 pounds of food. Lets fill them up!

A portion of proceeds from our vendors go to Childā€™s Play.

Hotel Information

The convention block at the hotel is full! Wow that went fast!

We have several lodgings options either at the hotel (at their standard rate) or more affordable offers nearby. More info on theĀ HotelĀ InformationĀ page.

See you at the con!

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Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.