Feedback from 2012!

Oct 18, 2012

All the feedback forms have been tallied (all 429 of them) and I have some results. This is just raw data right now. How it ended up affecting Big Bad Con 2013 will be the subject of future posts!

On a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied) to 6 (very satisfied) rate your con experience:

Sign ups (getting into games): 5.41

Logistics (finding everything at the con): 5.5

Environment (hotel and play space: 4.99

Amenities (food in the area) 4.35

Here are the average results for our GMs

Game System: 5.36

GM (preparation and performance): 5.51

Desired changes in the con (by percentage):

Move to Veteran's day: 16.32%

4 Day Con (Friday-Monday): 15.38%

4 Day Con (Thursday-Sunday): 7.69%

Add Board Games: 19.81%


=) =) \m/ Metal! 1st time larper! A cathartic creep fest was had by all A few things made no sense regarding what my character believed to be true, though a very fun game anyway. GM's info system was good in theory but didn't work for me in practice and I think needs more development. Props and such were brilliant. A lot of fun! A very grim game, Jack was brilliant & handled horror well Add field for GM and Game title to this form Adrenalin pumping suspense and action. Great atmosphere and adventure. Amazing Preparation!!! 'WOW' An excellent game. Great Con. Atomic Robo RPG feels like it would be more balanced if Robo was not playable. Awesome fun with Panties exploding! Awesome game Awesome game, would play again Awesome Players to play with Awesome! Really fun + totally helpful! Big Bad GM Nomination: x10! Bring her back! The use of props, mats, and miniatures, and sounds effects was wonderful. Came in knowing no one, left having made friends Carl was an excellent GM and set the mood well. A few visual aides (maps, files, etc.). Lousy veggie options. Complete game in only two hours. Worked out well! Didn't really come together but it was an interesting change of approach. DM resisted driving story/hints forward. Poor saying "yes" skills. Don't move to Veteran's day. Don't move to Veteran's day. Duane the GM was awesome! This is the funniest game by far and ran smooth and fun! Eric is the best. 4 days too much. 3 days! Especially (rated 6) since he was a last-minute fill in! (regarding the GM rating) Everything was closed. ZOMG. (regarding food) Excellent psych study. Wish I could do it again. Ezra Denney = Iron GM Material Fantastic Game!! /Paranoia Favorite game of the con F'n Awesome For a first time to do so (word unknown) but fun Frakking Awesome! Frankly, I had a great time. Loved my character. Liked the Setting. The powers a little unbalanced but still and excellent game especially for an first time con gm. Fun Fun Fun first game, Had tons of fun with Gil. Enjoyed private room, too Fun Game! Fun game. Hotel is mediocre or poor compared to other con hotels. Fun game; Although the pregen module has weaknesses, Joe made it work. Ghost World Game was great! Food service was suck GHOST/ECHO IS AWESOME! Gil is awesome. Gil always brings the great ambiance/mood. I will attend in November, but I like the October Con. Give an example of type of game GM did not even know the system she was running. The game was fun because the players worked to make it fun. The GM brought little to the table. GM Late but good still finished GM left all the materials at home but ran a good game anyway. GM was not able to ad lib but also not prepared, making for a slow and boring game. GM was very inexperienced. Could not improve but also was not sufficiently prepared, meaning things dragged. GoD! Sunday is a killer (regarding food) Good Character interaction. Good intro to a universe Good characters. Game system is a little cumbersome. Good con game Good game - subject, characters. Cumbersome system. Good Game! Good Job! Good location, great option for commuters w/ parking at the hotel Good run, excellent prep. Oscar is an entertaining GM. Good so far! I'm ambivalent about the sign-up system, but it seems to work well enough Good stuff, system & game. Flexible story. Great Con Great Con Great fun, Jeremy did a good job reacting to player ideas and incorporating them in his game. Great game but the partitioned rooms made it very noisy Great Game. Ezra Denney. Great GM. Great Game. Great GM Great Game. Thanks for adding this to the schedule. Great Improv Great pick-up game Great spirit of GM. Made a big impact on fun and game. Great story. # cards didn't work well. Enjoyed my character and had a great time. Great system, great time. Had a great time running in Games on Demand. Host was a big scary but everything was organized smoothly under her iron grip! Harry Potter Playset was awesome Hell mother yeah! Spray and pray never felt so good! Hilarious Game! Laughed Crazy Hard! HOLY SHIT PRIVATE ROOMS RULE FOR GAMING How do you feel? Violated -> 6 (very pleased) I got to play with Luke Crane (Yes on BBGM for Burning Games) I had never played Dogs in the Vineyard before. It was so much fun I liked how Noam handled a combat as a series of checks in lieu of a conflict I would like to have this event again next year. (regarding Improv workshop) I'd only make it 4 days if you can put it on a 3-day weekend, also there should be a space on the form for GM and Game names Interesting system It can get far too loud in the common gaming rooms It was a great, easy to learn game. Awesome storytelling elements. It was incredible & creepy and a lot of fun Karen's Schizo game was Bitchen! System could use something for opposed rolls but other than that it was great. Like psychotherapy, but cheaper Look forward to next year. Take Indian Restaurant off Map Lost two players, probably would have gone better with all 5. Lots of Fun Love the games on the back of the badge LOVE the Quiet Year Matt Steele ran our game, really grateful he stepped up Mice Rock So Hard (drawing of a mouse head) Microscope is my new favorite game! Might try to find another venue Mike Garcia's game was cool, thought provoking and surprising More one roll Engine!! Hurray! More than enough opportunities for investigation! Loads of mystery and just enough action. Morgan did a great job Move to MLK or Veteran's Day Weekend Move to Veterans Day and make it 4 Days My first time playing Mutants & Masterminds. Rachel had a wonderful grasp of history and gives a lovely texture/background to the game. Need a sign Need LARGE trash receptacles in the game rooms Need referee for this game, rough but will get better New game - great first. Great prep, info/maps, pictures, etc. Great detail, characters. New game system, seems cool. Fast paced setup. Though a little too long for combat, I think. Nice variety. Hotel food slow & expensive. Nice, Simple system. Plenty of room for role-playing w/o having to think about it No changes. I was not able to register for two days after reg opened, which made getting into games much more difficult, but that could be overcome with better planning on my part. None of the options, Don't Mess with Success Not over hardly strictly weekend. (What? sat aside for you.) Only a 4 Day event if a 3 day weekend Original GM Missed, Balsera did great, This has been amazing! Game was great! Oscar knows this rich world so well. It really brings the world alive. Overall GoD has been WAY better than last year. Thanks! Panty Explosion (Sat 10pm) was AWESOME! Panty Explosion game was very exciting, lots of twists and turns. Pathfinders are very loud Perfect Really good world and prep from the GM. I'm kinda jealous. Rooms!!! Morgan's game scaled very well. Great intro to Feng Shui for me. Ryan Burton was a lot of fun as a GM Shared rooms a bit noisy & distracting Shaun's Freemarket game was awesome! SLAMMIN' Slow Cafe. Enjoyed the game, Mike was a little late. Could do some work in prepping the character creation to speed time and ease newbies. So Fun! Very detailed! So funny! Ryan is a great improvist. Star Wards Fiasco was AWESOME! Still not a fan of partitioned rooms Such a fun game! Great GM! Summertime Sunday Noon. Ryan was Great! Super fun game. Really like Burning Wheel That's just super was a lot of fun. It bogged down a little because most of us (like me) weren't familiar with the game system but Dennison did a good job walking us through. The concept was very good. The online system of sign ups is efficient but discourages people from coming if they are unable to commit that early. They did well for losing game components due to a technical error THIS GAME WAS AWESOME! This has been a stress free (politics free) convention. Well done!! This was a fantastic way to try Fiasco for the first time! I had a great afternoon. This was hands-down the best game I've played in a long time. Sock puppets for the win. Tiny clown ash tray! Too loud, but this game wanted it to be unreasonably quiet. No BBGM, this guy is a hack. (written ironically, GM rated 15 out of 6!) Totally confusing and really fun. I loved it! Traveler characters should have been created before the game started, maybe move to MLK holiday Unexpected! I thought this would be awful. AWESOME!! =) Very Dresden - Wonderful. If you want to change - maybe July would be a better month before people run out of vacation money or summer. 3 days is good. Very Exploratory, then burst into violence! Very fun game Very fun game! Surprisingly fun. Very Fun, hilarious great group! Very fun. Don't change the dates. Very open storytelling, to draining for a four hour game (like being a GM x3) Very pleased and comfortable. Very slow pacing, the game didn't move along, low energy & sporadic enthusiasm sadly Veteran's day or MLK in January WELL DONE Well run. Went kinda long. Wonderful GM & game system Would be nice for afterhours gaming-everything ends at 10PM-Bummer. Also, starting earlier would be cool as well I Would nominate Karen for BBGM I thought she would want to Would nominate our cohost Sat 6PM, Dennis Jordan, though. Love that last year's suggestions were taken & heard, love the new topless feedback box Would prefer random draw for signup rather than first come first serve. Yar! Zany manga fun! Rival/Best friend mechanics drive action well.

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