After Hours Game Submission

Jan 26, 2013

Game submission are closed, but we're still accepting these games:

Forged in the Dark Games (Blades in the Dark, Mutants in the Night, Scum and Villainy, etc) Harlem Unbound The Mountain Witch The Watch Autumn of the Ancients BFF Tachyon Squadron Call of Cthulhu Golden Sky Stories Or other games pre-approved by the event staff.

Available time slots:

  • Friday 9AM-1PM
  • Sunday 9AM-1PM (one slot), 2PM-6PM (one slot)

Games requirements:

  • Space for 3-8 players (RPG/Board/Card Games) or 6-20 (LARPs).
  • Characters provided or created during play.
  • Beginners welcome!

Free admission requirements:

We love our GMs, facilitators, panelists, and volunteers. You’re the ones making Big Bad Con happen! To thank you for for contribution to the con, we offer free badges (4-day admission) to anyone who does any combination of 8 hours or more of the following:

Note that if you are running RPGs, we strongly prefer 2-hour and 4-hour games.

If your event has room for 11 or more players/attendees, it counts for double the length (you only need 4 hours instead of 8)

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