Bully Pulpt in the House

Mar 12, 2013

Everyone knows Jason Morningstar makes great games. jason_morningstarLike Fiasco and Durance and Shab-al-Hiri Roach and Grey Ranks and, and, and, and, and, and...

But not everyone this side of the Black Forest has had a chance to play in his games. Which is a shame, because is you haven't Jason also runs AWESOME games.

This year he is running three for us:

Sirai: Occupation (RPG) - The war “ended” years ago, but nobody told the partisans who live in your woods, or the government that hunts them. Your six household farming village is in the middle, and the difficult choices are all yours.

Sirai: Civil War (LARP) - The planet Sirai is poised to explode into war, and six factions all want to either prevent it or profit from it. A hybrid larp/board game about the dissolution of civil society.

The Climb (LARP) - Six climbers are on an illegal expedition in Bhutan. They are close to the summit, but only three will ascend – who stays and who goes? The Climb is a structured freeform larp in the Nordic tradition.

Illustration of Little Red

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