What kind of awesome is YOUR game? Tag it!

Jul 10, 2013
[![con-facing-left.fw](/images/con-facing-left.fw_-202x300.png)](/images/con-facing-left.fw_.png)Inspired by [Stuart Robertson's GM badges](http://strangemagic.robertsongames.com/2011/08/gm-merit-badges.html), The Goats Gruff have added something new to the game listings at Big Bad Con: Game tags!

What do these do? - These allow the GMs to give would-be players more information about their game. Is the game focused on investigation, combat, intrigue? Some of all three? If it's mature, is that because of graphic violence, because of sexuality, or something else?

When you know more about the games, you're better able to pick games suited to you!

What else? The Goats decided to go with tags (rather than badges) because this way they are also searchable. Find one game that is filled with intrigue and want to find more? Click on the tag link to see others. Just like this... http://www.bigbadcon.com/events/tags/intrigue/

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