Bully Pulpit goes behind The Wolf's Back

Sep 13, 2011

What's Lenny got there?The Wolf is outraged. He's looking for a house to blow down just to let off steam.

Jason Morningstar (@jmstar) of Bully Pulpit has apparently sent new, as of yet unreleased material to Big Bad Con care of Leonard Balsera for his two slots of Fiasco!

The Wolf himself is very curious about what they are, and damns Leonard Balsera for his incessant secrecy!

However, if you good patron want to play in a playset that not even The Wolf knows about, you've got two chances:

Friday - October 7 - 6 to 10PM Sunday - October 9 - 3 to 7PM

If you don't sign up, The Wolf is going to!

Illustration of Little Red

Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.