Big Bad Con 2020 Canceled

Apr 28, 2020

This is not the post we wanted to make about Big Bad Con 2020. We wanted to talk about our Kickstarter stretch goal guests, the Babble on Equity Project, and all the amazing events we have planned. COVID-19 however, changed all of that.

So, probably not surprising anyone, we’ve decided to cancel Big Bad Con 2020.

How did we come to make this decision? In some ways it was a hard decision to make and in others it was an easy one, as we knew it was the right decision. To host Big Bad Con in October, we’d have to launch a Kickstarter campaign in May. It would not be in the service of our mission or our values to ask for commitments of time and money when so many in our community are hurting.

The health of our community was also a large factor. Since our last statement, we have been keeping abreast of the coronavirus pandemic, following updates from the CA gov, SF Public Health Dept., UCSF, and others. Most likely this pandemic will still be with us in some capacity in October. Hosting a large convention would be a health risk and we care too much about everyone in our community to make that risk.

What about doing an online con? We discussed this but decided it wasn't right. Although we could host a schedule and help set up online games, that’s not Big Bad Con. Big Bad Con is of course about amazing games but it is also about the community and camaraderie, the “Lobby Con,” the PoC Dinner, the Thursday social events, mixing people of all stripes and sharing experiences—all of which would be near impossible to replicate online.

We do have some ideas for 2020 that are more in line with our mission—possibly converting our annual Kickstarter into a fundraiser for charity. All of this is all rough right now, so we don’t have any additional info at this time.

We hope that all of you stay safe and healthy out there. Keep playing games, keep expressing your creativity, and if all goes right we should see you in 2021!

Illustration of Little Red

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