Scheduled Events FAQ

Submitting and Scheduling Events

Our scheduled RPGs, LARPs, board games, panels, and workshops are the core of Big Bad Con!

  • Games and events can be submitted here until 7/31. Attendees who sign up for any combination of 8+ hours of running events, GMing in Games on Demand, or volunteer shifts get a free 4-day badge to attend the con.
  • After an event is submitted, our coordinators will review it (usually within two weeks) and follow up the the GM, facilitator, or speaker with any questions we have or requests for changes if needed.
  • Once an event is approved, it will appear on our schedule here.
  • After submissions close, our event coordinators will schedule all the events, confirm them with the GMs, facilitators and speakers, and then publish the event times and locations!

Event Signups

To sign up for events you'll need an badge for the con. You can get one here.

  • Signups begin August 26th at 12:00 PM PDT (GMT-7:00).
  • All event signups for Big Bad Con are done from from our event page. To sign up for an event, go to the event page, and if there are spaces left, click Book Now at the bottom.
  • Not everyone is available the moment signups open. To give as many people as possible a chance to get into games an events, we have the following singup phases:
    • Phase I (Saturday 8/26 12PM PDT) — Everyone can sign up for a maximum of 2 events.
    • Phase II (Monday 9/4 7PM PDT) — Everyone can sign up for 2 more events, a maximum of 4 total.
    • Phase III (Sunday 9/10 7PM PDT) — Event signups have no maximum limit.
  • A few things to note:
    • Events marked All Ages are available to all attendees, including teens.
    • Events not designated all ages are available to adults 18 and up.
    • Events you're running don't count against your limit.
    • Volunteer Ranger shifts don't count against your limit.
    • Small Press Showcase bookings don't count against your limit.
    • Large events (Thursday night social events, panels, the Wolf Run, etc) don't count against your limit either. Those events will have noted as quota exempt by the booking button.

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