COVID Safety

Our highest priority in returning is addressing how we can do it as safely as possible. We know that no matter what precautions we take, we cannot eliminate risk of COVID or other airborne pathogens completely, however here’s the steps we’re taking toward mitigation:

  • Requiring masks in all event spaces including our private game rooms.
  • Requiring that all attendees be fully vaccinated.
  • Asking that all attendees take a test before attending.
  • Hosting events where possible in the outdoor pavilion or the open air atrium.
  • The Hyatt ventilation systems meet and exceed industrial filtration requirements: MERV-8 in public spaces and MERV-10 in sleeping/gaming rooms. The Atrium has MERV-15 filters pulling air up and exhausting it through the roof.

Additionally the con will be providing free Big Bad Con branded KN95 masks for all attendees and rapid tests on request.

Keeping ourselves and each other safe is part of our community standards of respect, support, and kindness. We know that risk tolerances are different for everyone, so what might seem like overkill to one person, might still not be enough for others. We’re looking out for our most vulnerable attendees. Together, we believe we can host a wonderful event.

Additionally, the Hyatt has their own safety precautions listed here.

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