A Taste of The Wolf

Sep 19, 2011

1-Day passes to Big Bad Con are now available. There are a few particulars you need to know first:

  • Booking: The booking software used on this site is not sophisticated enough to prevent users with 1-day passes from booking on days they haven't paid for, so be sure to book for the right day. If you book a game on a day different from your pass, The Wolf will kindly ask you if you want to pay the difference for a 3-day pass.
  • Charity: Big Bad Con is a charity event supporting a lot of good causes. Even if you don't plan to attend all 3 days, if it fits in your pocketbook to sign up for a 3-day pass, you'll be doing a good deed by doing so.
  • Events: We've got great events lined up! There are RPGs, board games, and LARPs running all weekend, and 8 tables in open gaming for drop-ins. We'd love to see you there and hope to entertain you all weekend long.

If you'd like to book for 1-day, use the Buy Now button below. For a 3-day pass use the link on the sidebar.

1-day pass - $25

All participants of Big Bad Con must be 18 years or older.

This price is good until 10/1/2012 AND lets you sign up for games in advance online!

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