Our new Story Synth Microgrant Program!

Jan 24, 2022

As award recipients from Grant for the Web, Big Bad Con and Randy Lubin (creator of Story Synth) are excited to announce a new microgrant program focused on helping game designers at the intersection of marginalized identities create, publish, and monetize games on the Story Synth platform! Each microgrant is a $300 award and in addition to those funds, game developers will receive proceeds generated by your game through micropayments.

We want to help you create your own games on Story Synth. Administrative support will be available from our BBC grant admins and we are thrilled to announce that Randy Lubin will also be available to provide technical and design support for Story Synth!

If your design ends up needing longer than six months to create, that’s okay. Share what you've done by the end of the grant window, and you can keep working on finishing the game as long as you like. This funding will begin on January 24, 2022 with completed* games due on (or before, if you are so motivated) July 23, 2022.

*Complete is a nebulous term in digital offerings. You can always modify your game to make changes and improvements. From our perspective, it is complete as soon as you say it’s ready to share with the public.

Visit our Story Synth Microgrants page to apply!

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