Improv for Gamers is Back!

Jul 19, 2013

improv_for_gamers_level_1Improv for Gamers, led by Karen Twevles and Mia Blankensop just had an awesome workshop on the 7/13. Because of this, they are even more exited than before about offering the workshop again at Big Bad Con!

Here's some of the feedback from the 7/13 event: "Thanks to you and everyone making Improv for Gamers Workshop happen! It was a great time." - Colin F.

"Such a blast & I learned stuff too.  I'm now a 2nd level Improve Gm. Beware, y'all." - Matt S.

"Thanks! I really enjoyed the Level 2 workshop saturday! When is Level 3? I think it would be cool if after the Fiasco portion, the group could reconvene and recap on some of our cool experiences and highlights from play – while they were still fresh in our minds. I think that could really exemplify some of the wonderful techniques we learned!" - Dale H.

"It was awesome. Looking forward to applying beats and editing (finding the best scene end) to my games ASAP!" - Tim S.

Excited? We're excited! Check out more about Improv for Gamers workshop!

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