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Big Bad Con 2017 is on!


Hello gamers! Big Bad Con 2017 is on for October 13-15!

I don’t know about you but l’m excited to pull my dice, my pencils, and my index cards out for another Big Bad Con! My brain has been storming with ideas for what I’m gonna run this year. And I’m eager to Read More

Big Bad Con 2016 Feedback – How to make 2017 better!

Getting around the Con

We’ve gone over last year’s feedback I’m very happy to say that, the teen track, panels, and new venue were well-received. Huzzah for the con growing and becoming better overall!

Thoughts on the data

There was a tremendous amount of feedback. We received 205 entries (compared to 172 last year), but what was most Read More

2016 Doctors Without Borders Contribution



Donation Confirmation

Thank you for supporting Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Your generosity gives us the financial independence we need to provide emergency medical care to men, women, and children in nearly 70 countries around the world.

Sean Nittner

Big Bad Con, Inc.

One-time Read More

Big Bad World

Big Bad World 1.0

Big Bad World is a meta-game that we ran throughout Big Bad Con 2016. To play, attendees selected from the basic playbooks (Ambassador, Mage, Rogue, or Explorer) and slid the playbooks behind their badge. On the front of the playbooks are our principles of play:

Think about the well-being of those around you. Address Read More

375 Pounds!

FBCCS Thank you letter

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Food Back of Contra Costa and Solano! Together we collected 375 pounds of food, enough to make 312 meals! Together we are mighty!