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Baba Yaga’s Gift Boxes are in the mail!


For all those wonderful Kickstarter donors who chose the Baba Yaga’s Mystery Box, your curated box is in the mail!

Each curated mystery box is full of hand-picked or hand-crafted items from some of these amazing contributors: Emily Care Boss, Jason Morningstar, Carrie Harris, Doselle Young, Jamie Wyman, Brian McClellan, Daniel Solis, Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, Chuck Read More

Guests for Glory

Take heart! If you come to Big Bad Con this year, you won’t face the duck knights and psychic schoolgirls and perils of a haunted desert alone. Thanks to the community who really came through on our Kickstarter, we’ve provided a pantheon of special guests—game designers, event-runners, and masterminds alike—to make our journey to Read More

Big Bad Online!

As a result of this year’s Big Bad Con Kickstarter, we had several live online games happen with some amazing GMs — many of whom were designers of the games themselves! It was a great success thanks to not only the GMs but the players and we want to encourage more of these online games Read More

Oh my look at all those games!

Big Bad Con 2015 gaming (photo by Ajit George)

We’ve started to fill in the upcoming games and events for Big Bad Con 2016! And there are more games in the submission pipeline! There’s some amazing stuff in there that I’m certainly excited about…

John Harper brings the genre mashing madness with World of Dungeons: Breakers, a game where a magical fantasy realm collides Read More

We did it!


This is amazing. You’ve gone above and beyond all that we hoped for!

Thank you once again for your contributions, for spreading the word about the con and the Kickstarter, and for being so awesome!


We’re going to have a Google Hangout to celebrate, talk about about the con this year, and Read More