Game quota lifted for large events

Sep 14, 2015

Some observations about the new quota system

Saturday we opened up game reg and wow that was exciting. A flood of happy tweets!

The server never crashed but it did allow four games to be overbooked. Thankfully those have all been reconciled.

Since reg went live, we’ve had 543 bookings from 241 different people into a 153 different events. As we have over 330 attendees registered (near our max) that means that there are almost 90 people who haven’t registered for an events yet.

Larps and other large games in particular didn't benefit as much from the quota system as smaller events. Specifically the reason for the quota was to prevent some events from filling up the moment registration went live. In the case of large events (10+ attendees) that seems to be unnecessary.

Tinkering with the system

Based on that, tomorrow (9/15) at noon, we're lifting the quota for all events with 10+ attendees. This is less than a dozen events (mostly larps) so we don't expect bookings to change radically, but some folks will be pleased to get in a few more games!

Illustration of Little Red

Little Red Event Manager is down! Booking and forms are not available.