Game Design Seminar Over Drinks

Aug 26, 2011

Ryan Macklin and Leonard Balsera from Evil HatWhen: Saturday, 10pm on. Where: The hotel bar. Who: Leonard Balsera & Ryan Macklin from Evil Hat Productions Length: As long as the bar's open. Maybe longer.

Lenny and Ryan are known for enjoy the finer things in life: making role-playing games, and drinking tasty cocktails. They invite you to hang out with them and talk about game design & publishing, an informal Q&A from these two award-winning Fate developers.

It should be noted that you do not need to buy us a drink to attend. But doing so will make your games more successful and you more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Or same sex. Or both. Okay, fine, we'll just be thankful and probably talk longer. But the main thing we want is for great company who share the passions we do.

Illustration of Little Red

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