Everything you need to know before you arrive at Big Bad Con

Oct 20, 2022

We're thrilled that Big Bad Con is happening next week! Before you head out to the con, here's a few things to keep in mind:

Review the Public Health Policy

Before heading out, please review the Public Health Policy, most importantly:

  • Masks that provide KN95 or better protection are required in all convention spaces. We’ll be giving out free Big Bad Con KN95 masks to all attendees!
  • All attendees must show proof of COVID vaccination before entering the con. Make sure to pack that vaccination card, update your app, or take a pic before you head out.
  • We request that all attendees take COVID tests and confirm they are negative before the con. We’ll have free rapid tests available upon request.
  • As part of our community standards of respect, support, and kindness, and especially in consideration of Monkeypox, we ask before giving hugs or making other physical contact.

Travel to Big Bad Con

The convention is hosted at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport at 1333 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010. Here's advice on how to get there:

  • Flying: Fly into San Francisco International Airport (SFO). From there take the Hyatt shuttle, which runs every 10-15 minutes. You can track the shuttle location here.
  • Driving: The hotel is right off Highway 101. Get driving directions here. Parking is available for $12/day.
  • Public Transportation: We recommend either taking BART to SFO airport and catching the Hyatt shuttle, using SamTrans, or taking Caltrain (stops 5 minutes from the hotel).

When traveling, please be conscientious of COVID exposure. We suggest masking whenever in public spaces.


Before doing anything else at the con, check into the Vaccination Screening station. It is located just inside the double doors near the main entrance. Here's a map for directions.

At the screening station, they will ask for your proof of vaccination (don't forget to pack it!) and to confirm that you've taken a recent COVID text and confirmed you were negative. We'll also offer free rapid tests, but our supplies are limited, so please bring your own tests if you can!

Pick Up Your Badge

After your vaccination check is complete, head down to the foyer to get your badge. Your badge is listed by the public display name you selected when creating your account.

Please make sure to give your badge name and confirm it matches exactly (we have some badges with very similar names).

Play Games!

When you arrive, we welcome you to play games by signing up for events, going to Games on Demand in the Sequoia Room, or starting a pickup game in the Grand Peninsula Ballroom.

A few notes about specific events:

  • The POC Dinner still has a few spots open. If you're a person of color, we welcome you to attend. You can make a financial contribution, but it is purely optional!
  • Games on Demand has moved locations from the Regency Room to the Sequoia Room. To find it, check out our map.

Getting Support

If you're ever lost or unsure what to do next, look for anyone wearing a yellow kerchief. Those are our Rangers, and they are there to help you find your way and find your fun!

If you're unable to find someone, or if you have a bad experience that you want to report, you can also let us know by messaging @Rangers on the Big Bad Con Discord Server, or calling/texting our Community Coordinator line at 510-646-0073.

Finding Food

Last but not least, if you get hungry, we have plenty of options! Inside the hotel there is:

  • 3SIXTY Market open 6AM-11PM
  • 3SIXTY Bar open 11am-midnight
  • 3SIXTY Bistro open 6AM-11PM
  • Popup Food stand open 1PM-2:30PM

If you venture outside the hotel, check out this map of local eats. The same map is in the program, along with information about which locations offer outdoor dining, takeout, and delivery.

We're very excited to see everyone at the con! If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by emailing info@bigbadcon.com or messaging @Rangers on Discord.

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