All the con you want - None of the stress.

Jun 26, 2012

Big Bad Con wants you to come and game all weekend without having to worry about what games you’ll get into. To make this happen The Wolf has installed and online sign up system. Starting September 1st (over a month before the con), you can register for games online.

The online registration allow players to see who else has signed up for a game they are in, it lets GMs know who will be in their games in advance in case they want to send any information before the game or tailor story/characters to their players, and it lets the con staff know what games are in the most demand so we can (and will) solicit GMs to run more of those games.

When you arrive at Big Bad Con your badge will have your name on the front and all of the games you’re in on the back, including their start time and location. So all you have to do is show up, game all weekend, and have a great time.

Should you have a hole in your schedule that you want to fill at the con, we still have plenty of options. The Games on Demand room will be full of GMs ready to run a host of different games based on your preference. Just stop in, request a game, and the coordinators will get you at a table rolling dice. Also, the folks at the registration desk are happy to sign you up for any scheduled game that still has openings or gets any cancellations. Finally, we’ve got an open gaming room where you can start up a game of your own, check out a game from our game library, or hop into a game that is just starting.

At Big Bad Con you’ll get as much gaming as you want, all weekend long, hassle free.

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