Wolf Den Under Construction

The Wolf met today with the Hilton and found out that Building 5 (where we normally host the con) will be undergoing renovation while we’re there. We live in exciting times!

There is good news though!

Building 3 is just down the hall from Building 5, and we’re getting 19 private gaming rooms in there that:

  • Are all on the ground floor
  • Will have the beds removed (previously they were just going to be turn up against the wall)
  • Have patios in some of the rooms
  • Will all be ready for use by 3PM on Friday (previously 1/2 the rooms weren’t available till 6PM)

Also the hotel has throw in a few extras:

  • We’ll have a second reception/lobby/hangout area in Building 3 (more hangout space).
  • All the guests rooms (which will now be in Building 3) will have mini-fridges included.

Updated layout

Gaming spaces highlighted in yellow.

Gaming spaces highlighted in yellow

Building 5 will still be used for Games on Demand, LARPs, open gaming, and other large events!

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  • weregamer

    Cool. And having the game rooms a little farther from the reg area might make them a little quieter – except the games themselves get a bit loud when they are going well, anyway 🙂

    Minifridges are great – make it much more practical to bring your own food to the con and actually have it at game without a long break.

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