Plenty of Games – All con long

Wow, those sign ups went quick! Have no fear though, we’ve got plenty of games still open. Two great ways to get more gaming action at Big Bad Con.

Games on Demand

We’ve got 14 amazing GMs ready to throw down games every 2-4 hours in Boardroom II, all weekend long. Show up before games start, see who’s offering what, and take your pick! Here’s all the menus so you can see what’s in store. Not all games will be offered at the same time, so if you absolutely gotta have something, we’ll let you know when that GM is on duty.

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New Game Entries

After the first rush of sign ups, we looked at what games were the most in demand, and asked GMs to run more of them… and they did! Here’s just a few of the games which, as of this posting, still have slots open:


Blossoms in Winter – Playtest
The Quiet Year
All Hail King Torg!
The Bunker of Thule
Manic Pixie Dream Girl/Guy LARP — The Sparkling!
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen


Pokémon Apokélypse
A+ In Explosions?!
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Risa
Fangs of Gnathous
A Flower For Mara
The Vault Beneath Haida Gwaii
Hot Guys Making Out
Parsely Games


Wolf Chase 2013
Deeds and Doers
White Hole
Into the Aether
Radio Silence
The Cattlegrind (AGOP)

The Wolf will keep posting Tweets, G+ posts and Facebook updates as new games are added to the list.

3 comments to Plenty of Games – All con long

  • I’ll certainly take requests.

    Especially because I don’t have a game called Diungeon World 😉

  • You think the GoD GMs will take requests, if necessary?

    The GoD GMs for GenCon were surveyed if there was anything else they’d run short-notice, like if another GM was sick, there were more players than GMs currently scheduled, or there were players ready to game but not in the mood for the remaining games being offered.

    So what I’m asking is, how awesome are these GMs? Like just regular awesome, or really awesome?

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